EGX Rezzed – #ZoinkDay 11

Hello world, hope you’re doing fine! Last week, you could read about our CEO’s and Image & Form’s wild representation in the United States on both GDC and PAX. If they managed to meet just 0,1% of the recently announced 26,000 GDC visitors we can understand their fatigue.

Klaus and Putte got back okay, but it took a couple of days before their squinty eyes got back to normal and they had recovered from the jet lag and over all impressions, of what seemed like a great trip!


This week it’s time for Europe to indulge in the fine world of Zombie Vikings. Devoted fans follow Mikael Forslind and Julius Guldborg on Twitter, and already know that this is their time to shine!

The first Eurogamer Expo took place at the Old Truman Brewery as part of the London Games Festival 2008 and was attended by 4,000 people. – EGX Wikipedia

Mikael, well known and sorely missed here at Zoink, will represent Zombie Vikings – and Julius, representing our fellow Gothenburg-based company Image & Form and their upcoming game SteamWorld Heist.


EGX rezzed is a fairly new spin off from the prominent and older video games event EGX, Eurogamer Expo. It’s open to public and last year, 2014, there was an estimate of 15, 000 visitors.

EGX Rezzed is a video games event brought to you by the team behind EGX (formerly Eurogamer Expo). – EGX Official Site

The gaming convention takes place in an old famous warehouse, named the Tobacco Dock, in London, England. As the name implies – this place once served as a place to store imported tobacco! Today it’s mainly used for corporate events.


EGX Rezzed is arranged every year at springtime, and even though it’s a smaller event than it’s “older brother” EGX – we’re informed on the website that the fare of course will be crammed with attractions that the audience will surely love. And it sounds exciting!

…playable pre-release games on both PC and console (with a greater focus on indie titles), developer sessions by well known game designers and the opportunity to chat with developers on the show floor. – EGX Official Site

Excited visitors waiting eagerly to get into EGX Rezzed!

Excited visitors waiting eagerly to get into EGX Rezzed!

The doors opened today for EGX Rezzed, and it looks like London delivers! Open for public, this is one place I would not miss out if I only lived closer (and were not left to hold the fort at the office) so hurry on over and say “hi” to Mikael and Julius, they will appreciate it immensely! Opening times are 11am to 6pm between Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th March 2015.

We wish Mikael and Julius all the best an look forward to updates on social media as well as getting to know EVERYTHING about their adventures when they get back!

Paulina, aka MsGamer
Office Padawan & Intern at Zoink Games