Doctor Laser winner(s) revealed!

We thought our character design contest would be a lot of fun, but we couldn’t imagine just how awesome it would turn out! We got over 80 amazing versions of Doctor Laser sent to us – drawn, painted, decoupaged and collaged. We’ve been laughing and ooh-ing a lot!

Last week, we finally sat down and chose our winners as well as a couple of runner ups. It was almost insufferable! You guys are really so talented. But eventually, we managed to come to a decision. Check out our live stream where we announced the winners or scroll down to reveal them right away.

Top 3

3. Ferdinand “Frog” Laser

Oh, poor Ferdinand. All he wants is some tasty mosquitoes but people just keep killing them off. Luckily, he has now invented his own Human Swatter!

We just thought this would be really fun playing around with in the game. Just imagine a laser projecting a giant swatter that you can use to shove people around! Also, jumping around as a frog can never go wrong. Congrats to @EchMattLuigi, the bronze is yours!

2. Doctor Laser / Gary Laser

This version of Doctor Laser didn’t come with a drawing, but we fell in love with it either way. Doctor Laser is actually a conjoined twin, always accompanied by her brother Gary Laser. As a child, the Doctor was obsessed with the idea of cutting and slicing things apart. When she was six, she once solved a Rubik’s Cube by cutting it into 27 separate pieces and gluing them back together.

After starting a career of crime, however, she realized being stuck with her brother wasn’t all that bad. Actually, it made her villain ways easier since she could get away with everything since the police couldn’t send her innocent brother to jail. Eventually, she even started wearing a goatee to resemble her brother and confuse the local authorities even more.

Congratulations on the silver Vaylon!

1. Particle accelerator Doctor

Who doesn’t like a good hula hoop? And wouldn’t they be even better if they had a built in on-the-go particle accelerator? Mika certainly thought so, when he sent us the entry that claimed the gold!

Besides being into particles, this certain Doctor is also a fan of science in general. He is an atheist to the core and certainly doesn’t believe in ghost. To prove to the town’s superhero that ghosts definitely is a thing of people’s imagination, he decided to kill him so that the hero could see the truth for himself! Sadly, the good old Doctor might realize that he was wrong when a certain ghost comes to haunt him…

Congratulations to all of our winners, you will be contacted by email!

Check out more amazing entries below.
  • What happens when someone extremely emotional and clumsy possesses over some of the galaxy's most intricate DIY-laser devices? Well, you might lose a limb or two and need some spare parts.

Thank you again for putting so much time and effort into this. It makes us even more pumped to make Flipping Death a truly great experience for you all. Hope we’ll see you again for the next contest!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager