Congratulations to our new ZEOs!

First of all – wow! What an awesome bunch of Zoinkling we have out there! Over 60 entries were made for our first ZEO challenge. We got hilarious descriptions, pictures, videos and even a sculpture. Chainsaw wielding lions fought against super doors and valkyries. It was so fun to go through it all, and the staff all had their own favorites!

And so it arrived. Voting day.

It was unusually quiet, this very special Monday morning. Few words were spoken, and the Zoinksters barely glanced at each other. This wasn’t the time for co-op. We all had to think for ourselves. Which weapon do want? Where does my allegiance lie? Then, we circled up around the Goblet of Fire and threw our votes into the flames.

Okay, so it was quite an ordinary day and we voted with a Google Form. But it still was a lot of fun! And finally, we have our winners.



We’re guessing Mattismen is pretty stunned to have become a ZEO. Stunned! Get it, get it?



Hope Klart’s feet are more stable than Achilles’ so he doesn’t trip and fall when he gets this piece of news. Should he get hurt though, we hope it’ll heel soon! Heel, get it? (I’m on fire today!)

So, a big congrats to our new Zoink Executive Officials! There were, of course, a whole bunch of other weapons that we loved, and some of the devs were kinda disappointed when their faves didn’t win. So who know, maybe more of your designs will show up in the game?

Tomorrow, I will tell you all there is to know about this week’s challenge! So come back, okay?

Alexandra Dahlberg

Community Manager