Producer for unannounced project

Zoink has become well known for creative and beautifully crafted experiences, ranging from the mystical forests of Fe to the cartoony paper worlds of Flipping Death and Stick it to The Man. With PSVR Exclusive Ghost Giant on the horizon, there’s a lot going on in our 20 people strong studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Now, we’re looking for a game producer to work on yet another exciting – and unannounced – project!

Your responsibilities

  • Oversee your team’s goals, and ensure they align with project
  • Coordinate all aspects of game development for your team.
  • Improve communication both within the project, the studio and against external partners
  • Manage, develop and inspire team members while creating strong positive relationships with the entire product staff
  • Maintain a creative environment, motivate fellow developers, nurture team health and foster a culture of success
  • Provide motivation, direction, and inspire your team and fellow developers
  • Use Trello or other project management tools to keep the team on schedule and maintain high standards of quality
  • Oversee the activities of the team to ensure that project goals are completed on time
  • Identify and fix bottlenecks, as well as clearing roadblocks both on the day-to-day and in the longer term
  • Work with and coordinate production, marketing and publishing leads to improve production pipelines
  • Ensure all relevant information is documented and accurate

We think that you

  • Have 3+ years of experience in a Producer or Product owner position OR have a lot of experience in another gaming profession and are excited about the Producer role as your next career step
  • Have a broad understanding of all aspects of game production (management, planning, scheduling, technology, design, art, audio, localization, QA)
  • Have the ability to effectively manage projects under tight deadlines

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Employee Stories

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We strive to create a workplace that makes you feel good. Staff regularly use the office space for game, roleplaying and movie nights. The company arranges yoga classes and work-out opportunities on a weekly basis, and you also get a yearly health grant (“friskvårdsbidrag”) to use on workout classes or other health-related activities. You will also receive occupational pension and workplace insurances.

Are you the person for the job? Send an email to and include a CV and cover letter or a short video where you present yourself. Good luck!