DevOps / IT Administrator

We’re looking for an IT professional to manage, maintain and improve upon our systems and pipelines. You’ll be managing the shared IT resources for two game studios as well as expanding them to suit the needs of respective studio and several game projects. The work covers both managing the servers, network and VPN solutions as well as scripting and configuring build pipelines and continuous integration for the various projects.

The role is on-site in the office housing the Thunderful conglomerate in Gothenburg which employs around 70 people.


  • Secure the operations and performance of servers, network and work stations
  • Making sure that the network is secure and that the file data is backed up
  • Order and maintain computers and related equipment as needed
  • Managing the hardware and software inventory
  • Support the production team by developing tools for automation and deployment
  • Write and maintain documentation and guidelines

Required skills

  • An inherent strive to always improve and learn new things
  • Well structured and organized
  • Support oriented and adaptive
  • Ability to write understandable and informative documentation
  • Ability to write understandable and maintainable scripts
  • Experience working with revision control systems
  • Experience working with automation in Python
  • Experience with continuous integration
  • Experience working with VPN solutions

Bonus points if you have:

  • Experience working in the games industry
  • Experience working with game engines such as Unity and Unreal
  • Experience working as DevOps
  • Experience working with Windows server and user administration
  • Experience with Google Suite
  • Experience with SVN, Git or PlasticSCM
  • Experience with hardware virtualization
  • Experience with Docker / containerization
  • Experience working with automated testing
  • Experience with PyQt
  • Experience with C#

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