Blunt Fish Trauma – #ZoinkDay 6

Last week, we ran a competition on our social media sites. To enter, one had to come up with the best name for the weapon in the picture. There was not one, but two prices involved: First of all, the winner will get that super cool devart of a shield maiden made by no one else then Klaus. Secondly, the actual name suggestion will be used for the actual weapon, IN GAME. How cool is that?! Naming stuff in a game.


The response was overwhelming! We are still very happy that so many of you, fellow vikings, decided to share your ideas. Not only did we get submissions on names, but even war-cries that should accompany said weapon. “Let’s get hammered!” seems spot on. And one fan even decided to kick it up a notch by using our picture as base, practicing what already seems like awesome skills in Zbrush! We feel really honored, thank you.

A lot of the proposals entered involved names playing with the words shark, jaws, hammer and head – because, you know, obvious reasons. There was some that stood out however, and quickly became our favorites: Sharknator of Awesomeness, The Hammer of a Thousand worries, My Teeth – Your Face, Sharksharp Hammer of Doom and Free Sushi – just to mention a few.

Everyone at the office favored different submissions and we knew very well there could only be one winner. So, hours after the competition closed, we decided to solve the problem viking style. Challenging each other in toss-the-Stick Man, a mead race and the unmistakable Söcker-game, we finally united and came to a verdict: *drumroll*

Blunt Fish Trauma! The entre was made on Twitter by @Gear12_Turbo. Congratulations! He will soon be the lucky sun-of-a-gun owner to an original piece of artwork. But don’t be sad if you didn’t win this time, we plan to have more competitions in the future.

And now, lay back and ponder the fascinating story about the weapon known as Blunt Fish Trauma:


Forged from a live hammerhead shark during the second herring war. It was made for the noble king Smelly Fingerson of Fishgaard. It needs to constantly draw blood to breathe and feed. It’s one of Fishgaard’s legendary weapons and its name is Blunt Fish Trauma.

See you around, vikings!

Paulina, aka MsGamer
Office Padawan & Intern at Zoink Games