Win a signed copy of Ragnarök Edition

Note: This competition has ended. To see who won, scroll down! It’s time again for a competition, we got a signed Ragnarök Edition to give away! This below is a picture of the North Sea having a discussion with Seagurd. What are they saying? We’re not thinking of the actual in-game dialogue but instead you […]

A talk with our producer about Xbox One development

The  Xbox One version of Zombie Vikings is releasing soon so I thought I’d sit down with our producer Kevin Andersson and ask him some questions about the Xbox One development process. Tell us a little about how the development process for porting a game to Xbox One. You need a developer kit from Microsoft […]

Zombie Vikings Ragnarök Edition out next Friday!

The time has finally come. We’re launching Zombie Vikings on PS4 on a physical disc! We’ve previously talked about this in a blog post, but back then we didn’t have a release date which we do now. Ragnarök Edition will launch April 22 with a price of €29.99. It’ll be available on digital stores as […]

We’re going to PAX East!

Next week it’s time again for PAX East in Boston, USA and we’re going this year as well. As you might remember, we were there last year with our buddies Image & Form showing both Zombie Vikings and SteamWorld Heist and now we’re going again. We’ll bring Zombie Vikings and a bunch of controllers so […]

5 reasons not to play Zombie Vikings

It seems weird, I know. Reasons not to play Zombie Vikings? Really? Do they even exist? The answer is… yes! And here they are. Read them and weep. 1. Your regular life will suddenly seem very dull There just aren’t enough octopuses living in stomachs, witches bathing in cauldrons or giant plague monsters out there anymore. Who are […]