Design a character and play Flipping Death before release!

Want to play Flipping Death before everyone else AND put your own mark on it? This week we give you the chance to design your very own character and get a copy of the game before release! Flipping Death is filled with weird and quirky characters, and now we want you to put your own […]

We’re going to RSM!

Sure, we love going to PAX, Gamescom and all those other mega-conventions. But we also love our own rainy hometown, and that’s why it’s extra fun to announce that we’re gonna show Flipping Death at Retrospelsmässan – Gothenburg’s own retro game convention! RSM is Scandinavia’s biggest event for retro games and computers. It has been […]

How to plan your game convention booth – PAX East

So, last week we got back from Boston tired but happy! This is the third year Zoink has visited PAX East, and we’ve learned a lot on the way. In this post, I’m gonna share our thoughts on how to make the best use of this rather cramped space! To plan the perfect booth is […]

Flipping Death – a new game from Zoink!

Welcome to Flatwood Peaks, a small whimsical town with a problem – Death is on vacation. Help the ghosts with their curious problems while also solving the mystery surrounding your own demise in this new puzzling adventure! Yes, as you might have figured this is the Switch title we’ve been hinting at for a while […]

Zombie Vikings on Xbox One!

I know, it feels like you’ve been waiting since… the Viking age? But it’s finally happening, Zombie Vikings is entering Xbox One territory!  Feeling like enjoying a view of snake intestines tonight? Well, then you’re in luck – that’s exactly what Zombie Vikings offers! To get a neat injection of co-op fun and craziness, head […]