Speedrunning a game from Zoink Games

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been seeing a lot of new speedruns pop up for our games! I’ve been a fan of speedruns for a few years now. I can’t remember what made me got into it but it was probably Games Done Quick – the speedrunning event that started in a living […]

Zombie Vikings One Year Anniversary!

Today it is exactly one year since Zombie Vikings came out on PlayStation 4! It’s been an exciting year for us, first we released on PS4 and then a few weeks later we got the game out on Steam. There’s still one more platform to go and that’s the Xbox One version that we’re releasing […]

How to ask a developer for a game key

Ever since we started with self-publishing at Zoink Games we get a LOT of requests for keys to our games. This is great, because it means someone is interesting in playing or reviewing one of our games. Pretty sweet, right? Well, that’s not always the case unfortunately. There are a lot of people out there […]

Win a signed copy of Ragnarök Edition

Note: This competition has ended. To see who won, scroll down! It’s time again for a competition, we got a signed Ragnarök Edition to give away! This below is a picture of the North Sea having a discussion with Seagurd. What are they saying? We’re not thinking of the actual in-game dialogue but instead you […]

A talk with our producer about Xbox One development

The  Xbox One version of Zombie Vikings is releasing soon so I thought I’d sit down with our producer Kevin Andersson and ask him some questions about the Xbox One development process. Tell us a little about how the development process for porting a game to Xbox One. You need a developer kit from Microsoft […]