Stick It To The Man

Stick It to The Man is out on Switch!

If you’re reading this close to a Switch, you should probably stop and head over to the eShop. Because Stick It to The Man is now out on Nintendo Switch! Our critically acclaimed platform puzzler just made its way to Nintendo Switch, and we’re so happy about it. This is really the best version of […]

Stick It To The Man

Switch It To The Man!

A lot of you have asked us to port our beloved and quirky Stick It To The Man, and we’re so happy to oblige. Stick It To The Man is coming to Switch! Imagine waking up with at giant spaghetti arm sticking out of your head and the ability to read people’s minds. That’s what […]

Play Flipping Death at Day of the Devs!

Live music, food and over 70 amazing games. For the fifth year in a row, Double Fine and iam8bit presents Day of the Devs – a day full of indie love on November 11 in San Fransisco. And Zoink will be there! Day of the Devs is quite different from Gamescom, E3 and other huge gaming […]

Community Management For Indies

If you’re a small indie developer it might not feel very tempting to take time from the production of your game to “hang out on Twitter”. But social media is probably where you’ll find your first fans (that aren’t your family and friends), so here are my top tips on how to work your social channels […]

How to name your indie game

Naming your indie game is one of the tougher choices you have to make when developing your game and there’s a lot of things you need to consider before announcing the name of your game to the public. In this blog post I’ll delve into our process of naming games here at Zoink Games. Working […]