Community Management For Indies

If you’re a small indie developer it might not feel very tempting to take time from the production of your game to “hang out on Twitter”. But social media is probably where you’ll find your first fans (that aren’t your family and friends), so here are my top tips on how to work your social channels […]

How to name your indie game

Naming your indie game is one of the tougher choices you have to make when developing your game and there’s a lot of things you need to consider before announcing the name of your game to the public. In this blog post I’ll delve into our process of naming games here at Zoink Games. Working […]

Zoink at Gamescom!

New Fe trailer, EA Play, a Switch reveal and a release window. We had lots of stuff to talk about during Gamescom 2017! So, we’ve been back in Sweden for a while now. And I just have to say that among the thousands and thousands of people, super pricey pizza slices, up-tempo stage giveaways and […]

Doctor Laser winner(s) revealed!

We thought our character design contest would be a lot of fun, but we couldn’t imagine just how awesome it would turn out! We got over 80 amazing versions of Doctor Laser sent to us – drawn, painted, decoupaged and collaged. We’ve been laughing and ooh-ing a lot! Last week, we finally sat down and chose our […]

Design a character and play Flipping Death before release!

Want to play Flipping Death before everyone else AND put your own mark on it? This week we give you the chance to design your very own character and get a copy of the game before release! Flipping Death is filled with weird and quirky characters, and now we want you to put your own […]