The magic of a music producer – #ZoinkDay 4

Today we’re sitting down with Joel Bille who’s the music producer for Zombie Vikings. We got a chance to ask him some questions. Read the article to find out what his inspiration for the music in Zombie Vikings comes from. Hi Joel! Tell us something about yourself. Hi! I’m Joel Bille, i’m 25 years old and […]

In the head of a designer – #ZoinkDay 3

Today we’re talking to Emil who’s the Game Designer for Zombie Vikings. Hi Emil! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hello, my name is Emil Nilsson, I’m 24 years old and come from the bog-filled parts of western Sweden, mostly wolves live there now. I spend much of my time making games and thinking about […]

Behind the Scenes – #ZoinkDay 2

We hope that everybody had a great holiday with lots and lots of yummy food and hours of hours of playing videogames with friends and family. It’s been really nice having some time off but it’s so good to be back in the office again working on Zombie Vikings. As we mentioned earlier we’re shooting […]

What do you want to see on our blog? – #ZoinkDay 1

Welcome to our blog here on! Each week we’ll post some news from our upcoming game Zombie Vikings. But before we can start with that we need to ask you, the fans – what do you want us to show from the game? Do you want concept art? Competitions? Characters? Voice acting? Behind the […]

Zoink reveals Zombie Vikings

Hey, fellow berserkers! Welcome to the all spanking new blog here at Zoink. Today we revealed our new game Zombie Vikings. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, then DO IT NOW! Zoink is an indie developer operating out of dark, cold Sweden, so making a quirky game about our crazy ancestors feels just right. We […]