Seagurd in the Spotlight – #ZoinkDay 9

As you’ve probably heard by now, our up coming game Zombie Vikings has four main characters in the story, Gunborg, Hedgy, Seagurd and Cawkaa. Last time you meet Gunborg and today I’ll tell you a little more about the happy go jolly character – Seagurd. Of all the vikings, Seagurd is the one always trying […]

World, here we come! – #ZoinkDay 8

Everyone at Zoink Games is busy as bees these times, working hard to put the final pieces of our upcoming title Zombie Vikings together. As you might have heard, we teamed up with fellow Gothenburg studio Image & Form a while ago. Lucky for us all, it seems that people are still interested in our productions […]

Screenshot Mania – #ZoinkDay 7

This week we’re presenting some newly released material on the blog, along with some “oldies-but-goodies”. You might have spotted some of the screenshots earlier on our social media, but for the first time we’re putting it all together for your easy access – and possibility to update to the coolest desktop background in your office, […]

Blunt Fish Trauma – #ZoinkDay 6

Last week, we ran a competition on our social media sites. To enter, one had to come up with the best name for the weapon in the picture. There was not one, but two prices involved: First of all, the winner will get that super cool devart of a shield maiden made by no one […]

Meet Gunborg, one ripped Zombie Viking – #ZoinkDay 5

Hey fellow slayers, Today we’ll delve into one of the main characters in Zombie Vikings. Our Viking gang consists of four characters that you can play and the story involves their journey as a team as they try to get Odin’s precious eye back. They each are quite special and as the story starts out […]