Showing your game at EGX Rezzed – ZoinkDay #14

Hi! Today we’ll try something different. Normally on these #ZoinkDay blog posts we try to talk about our upcoming game Zombie Vikings but this week I thought I could talk about going to gaming conventions as an exhibitor and showing your game to an audience. More specifically – going to EGX Rezzed in London. We […]

Meet Cassie Ewulu – The voice of Gunborg – #ZoinkDay 13

Today we got something really fun to show you. We got a chance to talk to the voice actor who does the voice to Gunborg. We previously dedicated an entire blog post to the Viking Zombie Gunborg and now it’s time to show the person behind the voice – Cassie Ewulu! Hi Cassie, please introduce […]

Internship at Zoink – #ZoinkDay 12

Today we got a chance to talk to our Level Design intern Kevin Andersson. Read about how Kevin met Klaus for the first time and how that led to an internship at Zoink. My name is Kevin Andersson and I’m currently an intern here at Zoink! I’m a student at The Game Assembly where I […]

EGX Rezzed – #ZoinkDay 11

Hello world, hope you’re doing fine! Last week, you could read about our CEO’s and Image & Form’s wild representation in the United States on both GDC and PAX. If they managed to meet just 0,1% of the recently announced 26,000 GDC visitors we can understand their fatigue. Finally home in Sweden after #GDC2015 and #PAXEast2015… […]

Feeling it in ‘Frisco – #ZoinkDay 10

What’s up Vikings?! If you’re a fan of what we do, you probably follow us on social media and unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock it cannot have escaped you that our CEO Klaus Lyngeled is visiting GDC in San Franscico. Left in the office we were hoping for one of those “When the cat’s […]