Let’s take it for a spin! – ZoinkDay #20

As a developer it’s easy to get nearsighted while working on a game for a long time. That’s why it’s awesome to have some fresh eyes take a look at it! To make that happen you can always steal some (Loki style), but we tried a different approach and took in some happy gamers to […]

We created a monster! – ZoinkDay #19

OMG! We created a super detailed monster! And we’re not talking about the Zombie Vikings this time! This monster’s on an even grander scale. We are coming towards the end of the development of Zombie Vikings and things are kind of crazy at the office. This game is just so much bigger than our previous game […]

Nellie the Graphic Artist

Meet the Zoinksters – Nellie the Graphic Artist!

Here at Zoink we love a good intern! They help us stay alert, come up with new ideas and are generally amazing. Today you’ll get the honor of meeting one of them – Graphic Artist Nellie! Hi Nellie, how are you today? I’m great actually! Played an awesome game yesterday with some great people. Zombie […]

Zach Weinersmith

Meet Zach Weinersmith! – ZoinkDay #18

Sometimes it’s great to have some extra help. It’s more than great when the help comes from super talented people like cartoonist Zach Weinersmith, known for his web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. So, we just had to do a little Q&A to hear his thought about working with us and writing for Zombie Vikings. […]

Meet the Zoinksters – Maria the 3D artist!

We’ve decided it’s time you get to know the team a bit better! And that’s gonna start… today! First out is Maria. She started out as an intern, collected some XP and leveled up to a full grown employee. Over to you, Maria! Why did you decide to work for Zoink? I was introduced to […]