Snow Area Progression Issue And Fe Hieroglyph Maps

Sometimes games bug out. And sometimes you don’t notice the issue until the game is out in the world, living a life of its own. In this post we’ll go through a couple of issues that you guys have discovered in Fe, and how you (fortunately) can make it past them! We’d like to issue a […]

And the winner is…

Here is the full list of winners in our big Stick It to The man contest! Congratulations to you all! And to those of you who didn’t win, we promise there will be more cool giveaways and contests coming up, so make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to make sure you don’t […]

Win your own Stick It to The Man Switch!

To celebrate Stick It To The Man’s release on Nintendo Switch, we’ve put together an awesome contest where you get to chance to win both the game and a specially designed Switch! In Stick It To The Man, you meet Ray. A hard hat tester with a regular enough life, who one day get hit in the […]

Stick It To The Man

Stick It to The Man is out on Switch!

If you’re reading this close to a Switch, you should probably stop and head over to the eShop. Because Stick It to The Man is now out on Nintendo Switch! Our critically acclaimed platform puzzler just made its way to Nintendo Switch, and we’re so happy about it. This is really the best version of […]

Stick It To The Man

Switch It To The Man!

A lot of you have asked us to port our beloved and quirky Stick It To The Man, and we’re so happy to oblige. Stick It To The Man is coming to Switch! Imagine waking up with at giant spaghetti arm sticking out of your head and the ability to read people’s minds. That’s what […]