Wanna be an extra in Zombie Vikings? Become a ZEO!

Okay, big stuff coming up, so lean back and prepare yourself. When you’re ready, we’re gonna teach you everything about becoming a  Zoink Executive Officer – a ZEO.

Here’s the deal! Every week up ‘til the Zombie Vikings release we’re gonna present you with a challenge. The winners of those challenges are gonna be part of a new and oh-so-special ZEO club. But hey, who has the energy to read long explanations in these visual days? Check out the video below instead!

As a ZEO, you get quite a few things. Check this out!

  • You get access to Zombie Vikings before the release, and you’ll also get some extra game keys to share with your friends. Go multiplayer!
  • You’ll be an extra in the game! We will actually paint you into Zombie Vikings!
  • Your mailbox will be stuffed with a concept sketch of Zombie Vikings-you, concept art, and a super cool t-shirt.
  • You will get access to a private Zoink forum where you get to chat with the devs. We will give you exclusive news about Zombie Vikings and upcoming projects before everybody else.
  • If you live close enough to attend, you also get a golden ticket to the Zombie Vikings release party!

Doesn’t that sound great? We surely think so, and we’re so looking forward to chilling and chatting with y’all in the ZEO lounge.


The Zombie Vikings has got a lot of weapons. We’ve created more and more and more of them. From the Undead Swordfish to The Emergency Hug. But it seems like they still can’t get enough of them! So. We need your help. What weapon would YOU like the Vikings to yield?  Describe it in the comments, draw it, make a video of it or build it with toilet paper! Do it whichever way you please! The people behind the best entries will be our very first ZEOs, and will also get their weapons included in the game. Not too shabby, huh?


Here are my own awesome(?) creations. Why don’t they hire me as a designer?! /Alex

Remember: It doesn’t have to be pretty, it only has to be inspired! Or well, not even that really. So, ready, set… GO! Hit us with your craziest weapon ideas right now! The challenge is open until Sunday, July 5. To make sure we find your entry when we’re deciding on the winner – post it in the comment section below. Good luck!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager

  • Chris Schenström

    The seal squeeler – a club/hammer with a seal attached to it, everytime you hit the seals eyes pop out. Insanely funny~

    The Turtleriken – it’s small (empty?) turtle shells with torn edges so they are sharp and they are thrown as throwing stars/shurikens. (Or maybe used like a yoyo?)

    Tripmer – instead of pointy edges on a trident, why not add more smashing power with a Tripple hammer head!

    Chain-o-hurt – It’s barb wire, used as a whip.

    Shield of valhall – A shield with a large spike in the middle, Charge the enemies in hope for a nice kebab that you could bring with you on your journey!

    Boots of weighing to much – Boots with rocks attached under them. Use them to kick the enemies really hard! Like rock hard!

    Helmet of slappery – instead of horns it has hands to fight with! 😀 (a nudge to stick it to the man minus the mind reading)

  • Mat Zoink

    (Gonna submit on Twitter, too.) Ray’s Blade! Who can pass up a good reference? 😉

  • Mat Zoink

    Axe of smelly cheese! Enemies catch one wiff and they’re down for the count!

    Bone and Arrow! A bow that shoots bones!

    Zoink shield! Shield that’s the logo of Zoink, enemies see and know how dangerous you are!

    Clown afro wig! A big red afro with Viking horns. All your foes will get scared!

  • Jon – TGB

    The Cat-er-ma-rang (there is a few references in there huh?) – A boomerang type weapon made from undead cat that when hurled to your enemy will attach to their face and scratch them or sit on their face while they are trying to type. (sorry for the terrible image, phone camera game is weak)

  • Mat Zoink

    (Already submitted on twitter.) Boom sticks.

  • Tim and Todd

    A Heli-Chopter. A circular spread of blades on a stick, allowing you to speedily chop up your enemies into ene-mush. (See what I did there?)

  • Kristen Fenato

    Bet you never SAW this coming 😛
    Couldn’t decide whether it would be held like a chainsaw or just flailed about violently from the tail…

  • Kristen Fenato

    This started off as an already-goofy axe swung around on a chain but as drawing time flies, now he does too 😛

  • Mattismen

    Man, I haven’t drawn anything in forever, it was pretty fun though.

    Behold, the “Hertz so good”
    With a chance to stun enemies

    And the “Mammal-star”
    Which is just a hedgehog on a stick.

  • Kristen Fenato

    The THORD – a lightning sword that is absolutely stunning 😛

  • kfenato

    The magical scepter of clOWNing – randomly selects to either clone enemies to fight themselves or temporarily turns them into clowns. Whether they’re cloned or clowned, they’re gonna get OWNED

  • Steven Dumeng

    Always wanted to see those insane facial hair & hairstyles utilized in action as offense! Haha

    Also for a name haha…hmm, Something In The Hair.

    • kfenato

      Like in Book of Life when Louis punches a bandito with his moustache 😀
      I would be 300% down to clown with using that in a video game

  • a5modeu5

    Birds of pair-a-dice: number of birds attack determined by number on dice…but if you roll snake eyes a snake poisons you

  • Insane_Senpai

    Colorful Cat Cannon: Shoots Rainbow Cats!

  • FelixMts

    I went a little far beyond the era of vikings, but it’s worth the shot

  • Insane_Senpai

    Banana Gun: Shoots Banana Peels On The Floor

  • Insane_Senpai

    The Sling Works: shoots little firecrackers

  • Insane_Senpai

    Zoink Shell : when enemies are hit with the shell the word “zoink” pops up

  • Insane_Senpai


  • Insane_Senpai

    Pop Sickle: Ice Cream flavored Death Sickle

  • Valkryie’s Song

    It works like a air/blow horn, while holding the valkryie you hold a button to suck air in, then let go to blow away enemies. The longer the hold the stronger the blow. You can also suck up enemies, much like Kirby or Yoshi.

    • alisdair ross

      I really like this one. It feels like it fits right in.

      • Thank you =) I’m really into Viking/Norse mythology. In high school I dressed like a undead frozen Viking with 2 other friends, one was a English knight and we fought each other.

        • alisdair ross

          Ha that sounds awesome. I did medieval reenacting a few years go I used to be a sword hand and I’d fight vikings on a weekly bases, good times.

  • Natr

    Lion holding a chainsaw

    Exactly what it sounds like. You hold I lion, which is holding a chainsaw. Simple.

  • Natr

    The Kraken or Cthulhu.

    A spell that charges when you kill a lot of enemies, and when used kills all enemies on screen

  • Natr

    Ex Wife in a bottle

    Pull out your ex and all the enemies will run away from her nagging and yelling

  • Japetee

    Wolven flail: swing yourself about as you hold onto a raging wolf by the ears smacking it into enemies, but be aware that if you stop spinning and failed to deal enough damage or hit enough enemies, the wolf will pounce and maul you.

    Saint’s halo: throw it as a flying disc of death Xena style, or wear it as headgear for a headbutt with augmented reach.

    Cracking whip: a squid held by the head whilst used as a ten-tailed flogger. Also able to blind enemies with ink, or create an “ink slick” to trip up enemies.

    Rag-no-rock: a red and white checkered cloth used like a wet towel whip. It deals very little damage but can knock back enemies far with a very satisfying “snap.”

    Rag-with-rock: looks exactly like the rag-no-rock. It can be used to clobber enemies, with rock being swung about like a sock full of pennies, or can be used to fling the rock at enemies. After rock is sent out by sling, it reverts to rag-no-rock, until rock is retrieved.

  • Japetee

    The matadoor: a door that you swing as a gigantic plank or bludgeon. Can be used as a shield by planting into the ground. Extra gimmick if planted, one can open the door and charge at the enemy.

    • That’s really neat. I love the idea for interaction here.

    • alisdair ross

      Really like this idea and what be really cool is if you could jump on it as portable platform.

      • Japetee

        Or possibly a launching cannon. Like say the player lays the door down, then opens it ( lo and behold it is a portal to who knows where?), enters it, door closes, and then the player rockets into the sky.

        • alisdair ross

          Yeah that would be crazy and a great way to find secrets or sequence break through the game.

  • Tyler the plagiarist

    You throw a friendly hipster like a grenade. When the timer goes up the friendly hipster begins talking to everyone in their are and drives people crazy (with their doucheness hinden in the frienliness)
    This was not plagiarized just to be clear

  • alisdair ross

    Crab Dusters like knuckle dusters but with crabs.

    • You missed out on: My right claw is a lot stronger than my left claw!
      Otherwise, cool design!


    You grew that massive hair and beard of yours for a reason! Utilise the braids woven within your hair and smash your enemies’ faces with your own! (Roundhouse attack… obviously…)

  • Andre

    Bow is customized anchor. Arrow has diff zombie hands that either scratch/punch/poke

  • Corroder Theacidbathkiller

    I´m not good at drawing, so I sculpured something.

    The “a dead duck” hammer

    it´s … a dead duck… attached to a branch. it´s being dead for a long time so mushrooms grow on it.
    this thing is so stupid to handle you can barely swing it, but if it hits (squeak sound) it knocks back enemies. and it has an additional upside. if you get hit, it poops out little ducky-baby-bombs that attack enemies.

  • Corroder Theacidbathkiller

    I´m not good at drawing, so I sculpured something.

    The “a dead duck” hammer

    it´s … a dead duck… attached to a branch. it´s being dead for a long time so mushrooms grow on it.
    this thing is so stupid to handle you can barely swing it, but if it hits (squeak sound) it knocks back enemies. and it has an additional upside. if you get hit, it poops out little ducky-baby-bombs that attack enemies.

  • Japetee

    The punching clown: a skeletal half jester, or clown, held by the spine swung about only to clobber enemies with its decaying fists. Every hit elicits obnoxious laughter from the hell-begotten harlequin.

  • Japetee

    Paired with the punching clown, or converse to it, there could be the under half of the clown, a pair of legs in clown shoes attached by the hip. Used more as ram set loose that runs rampantly into enemies to bowl them over. Or perhaps just as a melee weapon that strikes with bicycle kicks. Name pending 😐

  • Sanju

    I’m not a good drawer, so I’ll try to explain my weapon.

    Multi-Trolled powered hammer:
    A battle hammer with some small Nordic trolls chained to it. These little trolls should be equipped with no more weapon than some helmets and shields. And the chain which ties them to the hammer should be long enough to drag them over the ground when the Viking is not attacking.

  • Klart

    The Bumblebee Bow: shoots arrows with bees on the tip. Charge it for shooting a whole bee nest, covering your attacker in a sweet but painful combination of honey & bees. Beelicious.

  • Steven Dumeng

    Posted this before on twitter, wish I could draw but I’ll leave it up to you guys!

  • Klart

    “SNAAAAKE!!!!!”: A snake. A snake that serves as a whip, can bite & spew venom. What more do you need?

  • Klart

    “The Midas Stick”: everything it touches will turn to gold, thus rendering the enemy harmless. For some crazy unexplainable video game reason you don’t turn into gold holding it.

  • Klart

    “Achilles Heel”: The actual heel of Achilles. Deal out some serious damage with this body part of a former demigod. Mind the arrow still stuck in it.

  • alisdair ross

    Barfing Feline Flail. Swing a cat around and let the barf fly.

  • Chris Schenström

    Holy mace –
    It’s a dead monk attatched to a wood piece. (as holy as it gets!)

    Flail of pestilence –
    It’s a giant dead rat that you swing by the tail!

    Femrir’s tooth –
    Giant tooth from the fenrir, it’s huge and is used like a lance!

  • Chris Schenström

    Worlds smallest bow –
    Fires huge arrows (for some reason)

    All for the comedy, it’s even hard to find!

  • Japetee

    Leprechaun’s patented chest of gold (name pending): a small chest that spews out gold coins at enemies and smothers them to death. Watch as they writhe and try to swim out. Then the coins disappear as leprechaun gold has a short shelf life outside the box. This can be essentially a reloading mechanism for the chest, to avoid the idea of an endless flamethrower.

  • Sanju

    Dragon chainsaw: A chainsaw made of dragon fangs, that you have to crank by hand to make it spin.

  • Razor

    Bear-Knuckle Boxing Gloves
    What it says on the box. Not bear claws. Just the knuckles.

  • Chris Schenström

    Maybe this is too like Angry birds somewhat.


    Crowsbow –
    You have a crossbow that fires black (homing) crows (fire limit two!) (Odin inspired)

  • Chris Schenström

    Midgards snake –
    The dead (but living) midgards snake, makes a sweeping strike against enemies!

  • Chris Schenström

    Hel’s moulin rouge –
    Lipstick of death and life, makes the viking look faboulus, but with a kissing power of death!
    The attacks are thrown kisses or a grapple kiss!

  • Sherwood

    Dwarven Hammer – a club with an angry dwarf tied on the end

  • Jerry Jonsson

    The Meadeval Pickaxe!

    If i win to be in the game i would love to voice act also !! 😀


  • Sanju

    The Yoyonator: A yoyo with spinning blades. It can be used to do some amazing deadly tricks, like “the lobotomizer”, “the definitive teeth brusher” or “the affectionating vasectomy”

  • Joe Birkbeck

    The Tentapole Slappers! Duel wield the tentacles of the mighty Kraken and run into battle flailing the monstrosities that you have equipped, enemies will bow down to the constant slapping of tentacles in their faces!

  • minirop

    I finally got an idea: the FL-ALE! (mix between a flail and, obviously, ale). you get a flail and replace the spike ball with the head of a deceased foe. And you get… TADA: https://imgur.com/lBnlYuG

    ps: the best weapon would probably be a wooden stick with a stinky turd at the end.

  • Poison__Lady

    Here is my attempt: the Skullcrusher! https://imgur.com/HOmNzKo

  • BarryDunne

    My ‘GENIUS’ idea – a cute little Zombie Viking Baby that has a supersonic cry/scream to help defeat enemies. I don’t know what to call it…Supersonic Baby? The Screamer? Screaming Baby? lol XD I can’t draw a good baby haha

  • A tentacle whip, which will stick on enemies. Then you can use the whip again on another enemy. That way you defeat two opponents at once:)

  • Matt Soup Foley

    Hey Klaus and Zoink! At least one of you should remember me from March ;D My idea would be a fun crossover with SWD. The “Rusty Drill”. It is a drill that has “seen some use” and replaces the character who is weilding it’s arm with a big rusty drill. It operates a little differently from the weapons seen in the PAX East demo in that you hold the attack button to constantly drill into your enemies. Perhaps the longer you hold it down, you gain speed up to a certain %age above the character’s normal walk/run speed. It could possibly also inflict a poison (since it is rusty, after all. Gotta watch out for tetanus ;D).

  • wesley mccarley

    The Necronomicob. A cob of corn, cursed with eternal darkness that, when an enemy is slain, causes tiny hungry corn monsters erupt from the corpse. (The corn is GMO)