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ZEO Time – the BFF challenge

It’s time for our second ZEO challenge! Last week we got you competing against one another, so this week we’d like to feel the love instead (while you’re competing of course!). The winners get Zombie Vikings  before release, and also star in the game! For more info about the ZEO club, check out our super educational video. […]

Stick It goes iOS! – ZoinkDay #22

You remember Ray, right? Kinda funny looking guy, has an arm sticking out of his head? Well, we’ve missed that little hardhat tester. Luckily enough, we get to hang out with him some more since we’re currently working on a new version of Stick It To The Man for iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPod touch! We’re really happy […]

Congratulations to our new ZEOs!

First of all – wow! What an awesome bunch of Zoinkling we have out there! Over 60 entries were made for our first ZEO challenge. We got hilarious descriptions, pictures, videos and even a sculpture. Chainsaw wielding lions fought against super doors and valkyries. It was so fun to go through it all, and the […]

Wanna be an extra in Zombie Vikings? Become a ZEO!

Okay, big stuff coming up, so lean back and prepare yourself. When you’re ready, we’re gonna teach you everything about becoming a  Zoink Executive Officer – a ZEO. Here’s the deal! Every week up ‘til the Zombie Vikings release we’re gonna present you with a challenge. The winners of those challenges are gonna be part […]

Life at Zoink – ZoinkDay #22

Hey Zoinklings! I think I owe you an apology. We’ve actually missed two ZoinkDays on the blog! Thing is, we do have two really awesome things to tell you, but for this and that reason we haven’t been able to go live with them just yet. But here’s the good news! One of these awesome […]

Meet Zach Weinersmith! – ZoinkDay #18

Sometimes it’s great to have some extra help. It’s more than great when the help comes from super talented people like cartoonist Zach Weinersmith, known for his web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. So, we just had to do a little Q&A to hear his thought about working with us and writing for Zombie Vikings. […]

Be in it to win it – ZoinkDay #16

Hey y’all! Thrilling tidings today – ‘tis tourney time! Or well, not really a tourney. It’s more of a classic contest, but then we wouldn’t have a proper alliteration. And I happen to be fond of alliterations. ANYWAYS! Today you have the awesome chance to get some amazing concept art from our upcoming game Zombie Vikings. But […]