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Zombie Vikings just launched on Steam!

We know you’ve been waiting, and now the wait is over! Zombie Vikings is alive and kicking on Steam, ready for you to try it (and all its new features) out. During the release week, there’s also a nifty  20% launch sale!  We’d like to thank our families, our friends and our pets. But most […]

Zombie Vikings coming to Steam this Monday!

Hold on to your hats, ’cause there are a lot of things happening – soon! This very Monday, December 7, Zombie Vikings will be released on Steam! This release will include a Majör Update, with lots of new stuff in it. So, you already knew December was the month of months. But now, we have […]

The Zoink Store is Open!

We’ve been having requests for some Zombie Vikings merch for a while, and we’re not the ones to say now! So now, fittingly enough on Black Friday, the Zoink store is open! To celebrate the launch as well as Black Friday, we have a special code that gives you 20% off until Wednesday at 11:59pm […]

News in Zombie Vikings! – ZoinkDay #37

As you might have heard in our previous post, we’re incorporating a bunch of features suggested by you guys (as well as some of our own) in the upcoming Steam version of Zombie Vikings (and the mega update for the PS4 version)! Since December and the release are closing in, it feels like it’s time […]

Win the Zoink Grand Prize! – ZoinkDay #35

Note: This competition has ended. To see who won, scroll down! Full releases of our two latest titles, a whole bunch of signed concept art, the Zombie Vikings soundtrack and an exclusive poster signed by the Zoink crew. And then we haven’t even mentioned that you get to have your pretty face in the upcoming […]

Writing for games – ZoinkDay #34

In the recent years, writing and story have become a more significant part of game development. It’s not that people haven’t cared about these aspects before, but seldom have they been in the spotlight the way that they are now. But how do you write for a game, and how does it differ from other […]

The magic of animation – ZoinkDay #30

This week I thought I’d talk about one of the parts of development that actually makes the characters come to life – animation! Problem is I don’t know squat about this particular subject. So I sat down with our animator Ebba and let her show me the ropes. Here’s what I learned! In short, you could say […]