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Win the Zoink Grand Prize! – ZoinkDay #35

Note: This competition has ended. To see who won, scroll down! Full releases of our two latest titles, a whole bunch of signed concept art, the Zombie Vikings soundtrack and an exclusive poster signed by the Zoink crew. And then we haven’t even mentioned that you get to have your pretty face in the upcoming […]

Writing for games – ZoinkDay #34

In the recent years, writing and story have become a more significant part of game development. It’s not that people haven’t cared about these aspects before, but seldom have they been in the spotlight the way that they are now. But how do you write for a game, and how does it differ from other […]

The magic of animation – ZoinkDay #30

This week I thought I’d talk about one of the parts of development that actually makes the characters come to life – animation! Problem is I don’t know squat about this particular subject. So I sat down with our animator Ebba and let her show me the ropes. Here’s what I learned! In short, you could say […]

Issues with Tomb of Bork level

Note: Thie Tomb of Bork bug was fixed with the 1.02 patch. If you’re still experiencing this problem, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the game. If you encounter other issues, please visit our support page. Hi everybody! First of all – thank you so much for all of the amazing feedback we’ve […]

Launch day – ZoinkDay #28

Time really flies. A year and a half of working on Zombie Vikings – what a journey it’s been! But finally, launch day is here. And we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve created! Zombie Vikings is chaotic, funny and full of weird characters  – pretty much like Zoink! Maybe that’s why it’s gonna be […]

Let’s present… Raybjörn! – ZoinkDay #27

We know people have been asking for a sequel to Stick It to The Man – and that’s awesome! But since we’re not doing that at the moment, we decided to try and get a piece of it into Zombie Vikings, in the form of DLC. Soooo…. meet Raybjörn! Even through his zombievikingfication, Raybjörn has […]

Let’s get physical – ZoinkDay #26

Digital is good. It’s super environmental friendly, and it really speak to people like me that just don’t have it in us to go all the way to the store when we want a game. But! Sometimes you just want to feel the weight in your hands. And that’s why we’re now releasing a physical […]