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Zombie Vikings avatars anyone?

Feel like a quicky? ‘Cause that’s what this blog post is! But we promise, it’s still a good one. We all know what Zombie Viking we’d rather be, right? For me, it’s definitely Caw-Kaa (c’mon, she can fly, and she’s all goth)! But if you’re not a super serious cosplayer, we realize that the dead […]

Zombie Vikings is coming to Xbox One!

We’ve been hinting about it for a while, and some of you have already picked up on it. But now it’s super official. Zombie Vikings is coming to Xbox One! The date is not set, but what is clear is that Zombie Vikings will be released digitally on Xbox Games Store with a bunch of […]

Welcome to the Zoink Zhow!

We’re on YouTube! Or well, we’ve been there quite a while, but now we’re gonna make a lot more fuss about it. Our weekly vlog (is that still a cool word?) has landed – welcome to the Zoink Zhow! We are always looking for new ways to reach out and talk to you guys, and recently […]

Women in gaming

There are more women than ever working in the game industry. Here in Sweden, we make up one fifth of the business. The numbers are changing at a steady pace and 2014 the amount of women hired went up by 39% compared to the year before. But there’s still a long way to go. So us […]

Happy Holidays from Zoink!

The holiday season is upon us, and so the Zoink worker bees will leave the office to hang out with friends and family, build snowmen (if you’re spending your time in the north) or look at pictures of snow (if you’re in the south). To round of this year, We thought we’d share this classic […]

New DLC – Raz from Psychonauts!

We’ve been hinting about this for a while, and I know a couple of you have already figured it out. But now it’s out in the open: Raz from Psychonauts is joining the Zombie Vikings crew as a DLC character! There really is no better time than now to be a Psychonauts fan, with a sequel […]

How we pitched Zombie Vikings

Last week, while streaming on our Periscope channel, we came across and showed our old pitch document for Zombie Vikings. Since people seemed to find it interesting, we decided to post this 94-page document here for all of you to see, and also tell you a bit about how we use it, and for what […]

Zombie Vikings just launched on Steam!

We know you’ve been waiting, and now the wait is over! Zombie Vikings is alive and kicking on Steam, ready for you to try it (and all its new features) out. During the release week, there’s also a nifty  20% launch sale!  We’d like to thank our families, our friends and our pets. But most […]

Zombie Vikings coming to Steam this Monday!

Hold on to your hats, ’cause there are a lot of things happening – soon! This very Monday, December 7, Zombie Vikings will be released on Steam! This release will include a Majör Update, with lots of new stuff in it. So, you already knew December was the month of months. But now, we have […]